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Rick & Anne Becker

Todd Creswell
Business Manager

Richard Senn
General Manager

Samantha Crabbe
Bar Manager

Jacob Knopik
Kitchen Manager



Designing a new RESTAURANT EXPErience in north dakota

This is our labor of love story.

Rick is a native of Bismarck/Mandan. Having family here and expecting to stay long-term, he often considered bringing an interesting and fun food and drink establishment to the area. Feeding this passion, he attended various restaurant and bar conferences as early as 2002. In 2006, he bought the properties on Main Avenue, anticipating that in the not-too-distant future there would stand a bar and restaurant.  

In 2008 Rick and I met in Minneapolis. We discovered that our love of food and drink was not only comparable, but something that really ignited our relationship. Early on, we would talk about all the possibilities of bringing unique and inspired food and drink to the Bismarck/Mandan area.  We settled on a type of dining experience that would be particularly fun and approachable; small plates.  It would be a very new concept for ND, but we were sure you were ready for it.  For us, a key part of that concept had to be fresh and innovative cocktails which we were very excited to introduce to this community.  And that’s how Humpback Sally’s Small Plates Tavern was born.

We were determined to have a rooftop bar as part of our concept.  The rooftop design went through some evolution, but as we became more convinced that it was an especially exciting aspect of the project, we decided to install collapsible doors and a retractable roof so it could be enjoyed year-round regardless of the weather.  The focus for LÜFT was to be great drinks, craveable food, and a relaxing yet fun atmosphere.

As long as we were at it, we wanted to offer a private event/dining room space for parties, family celebrations, meetings, etc and so the Smith and Curran Room was added to the project.

While we were on this journey, we decided to cap it all off with a very special cocktail bar...hope you are able to find your way to it and encourage you enjoy the escape of everything at 510 East Main Ave as much as we do.